Maren Lübbke-Tidow
12/2020 proudly hosting a rooftop installation by Stefanie Seufert





“The project is dealing with long-term records in public spaces to capture influences by nature and human at a certain piece of the earth’s surface in a given period of time. I am working with cotton fabrics, using it as photosensitive material. Conversely to photographic processes in which light causes blackening, UV light is here causing a decay of the pigment, color disappears  (…) As a recording machine, the four to eight square meter fabric webs are exposed to all influences, such as sun, wind, fire etc.” (Stefanie Seufert about her long-term records)
12/2020 when you realize that you are part of an exhibition:


recommendation: Heinz-Peter Knes, Fotografische Arbeit
Künstlerhaus Bremen, until tbc
















Heinz-Peter Knes, aus der Serie: Prozess, 2020 (Detail)








11/2020 workshop Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe
Wie kommt ein Bild ins Buch?
Zur Produktion von Künstler*innenbüchern
Klasse Susanne Kriemann
image: The making of Face to Face by Seiichi Furuya, artist’s book came out with Chose Commune: Paris 2020.
11/2020 recommendation


The portraits by Rineke Dijkstra are incredible beautiful. Currently to be seen at “Masculinities. Liberation Through Photography”, Gropius Bau (Berlin), until January 10, 2021.




















Rineke Dijkstra, Forte de Casa, Portugal, May 20, 2000.